Boarding Schools

Any school provides only a few steps on a journey of learning that will last a lifetime. Yet schools that make the most difference are those where a strong tutorial regime supports every pupil. When young people feel that their work matters deeply to their teachers, they focus on the task and grow in determination and confidence. Our school partners enable the students to do more, to achieve more and to be more than they had ever thought possible. They will take your child from the early stages of a broad secondary school curriculum through to the platform of internationally recognised qualifications: GCSE and A Level, with the additional opportunity to take Cambridge Language examinations. The boarding programme is run on modern and student-friendly principles for the safety and happiness of the students. The boarding experience is fundamental to the student’s overall acculturation and ultimate academic success. We are intensely aware of the possibility of loneliness and homesickness in children who are far from their homes and families, and all our efforts are directed to helping the students to settle in and form part of a cooperative, creative learning community.

Students who are motivated and engaged do better. Our main goal is to create confident, happy students who reach their full potential. Our school partners provide a safe, positive and highly engaging environment and we take great effort to challenge and inspire all our students to make the most of their opportunities. This is about academic progress, but more than that, it is also about developing the emotional intelligence and essential life skills of each person.

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May 26, 2016