Our Team

Senior Staff Profiles

Name: Gaber Langhi
Position: Managing Director
Hometown: London, UK
Languages: Arabic, English and German
Academic Background: BA and MBA in Management
Profile: Gaber has over 20 years work experiences in business analysis, marketing, education and e-commerce.

Name: Heba Shaban
Position: Student Services Manager
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Languages: Arabic, English and German
Academic Background: BA German Ain Shams University
Profile: Heba has worked in the field of international education since 2007. She is responsible for admission of applicants to universities in more than 8 countries. She prides herself on being able to get very fast offers for students due to her excellent knowledge of this process Heba is eager to help students apply to colleges and universities, and to help them attain the best offers and advice possible.

Name: Imran Kahn
Position: Finance Manager
Hometown: London, UK
Languages: English and Urdu
Academic Background: BSc in Business studies and CIMA
Profile: Imran manages our Accounts department and is responsible for the accounting. He has over 20 years experience and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Name: Adam Rahman
Position: Academic Manager
Hometown: Birmingham, UK
Languages: English
Academic Background: MSc and Ph.D. University of London
Profile: Before becoming an Academic Manager, he worked as a tutor helping students with English, math and standardized test prep primarily in a one-on-one setting. Now, he gets to use his skills to empower students more comprehensively, helping them to better organize their study area and their time, to find the study methods that work best and to specifically deal with executive function challenges such as focus/attention in a fun and creative way. His wide experience helps him understand the challenges facing students with executive function challenges or general study/organizational issues.

Name: Rachelle Simon
Position: Marketing Manager
Hometown: Denver, Colorado, USA
Languages: English
Academic Background: BA in Journalism. 
Profile: Rachelle Simon is a Marketing Specialist. Prior to joining Doxson, she began her career as a marketing assistant and then was promoted to become a marketing manager in New York. Rachelle has an extensive experience in students’ recruitments and services.

Name: Wolfgang Muller
Position: Online Courses Manager
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Languages: English and German
Academic Background: Diploma (BWL) Betriebswirtschaftslehre
Profile: Wolfgang has over 5 years experience in the management of Doxson’s online courses. His duties include meeting with prospective clients to explore and define their objectives and training needs, designing training online solutions by combining or customising existing online course modules or commissioning new modules, project managing the design and delivery of online training packages and presenting solutions for training and consultancy in the form of proposals to clients. He also looks after Doxson development. 

Name: Sarah Wilson
Position: Proofreading Manager
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Languages: English
Academic Background: BA English literature
Profile: Sarah’s an editorial professional, and has served as an editorial production manager in book publishing and advertising. She served as a proofreading instructor for 9 years.

Name: Raj Patel
Position: Training Manager
Hometown: New Delhi, Delhi, India
Languages: English and Hindi
Academic Background: BSc Computer Science
Profile: Raj is an experienced business analyst, consultant, facilitator, trainer and leadership coach. He has a deep understanding of people development and has spent over 20 years designing and delivering training programmes aimed at increasing individual, team and organisational performance. The focus of his training is on providing practical tools to enable participants to deliver real results in meeting their personal and business goals.