How do I check my level of the language I want to learn?
The school will test your level, either in advance or on your first day to ensure that you are placed in the correct class for your ability.
How long does it take to process an application?
The process may take no longer than 3 days to receive an offer letter for a course.
When do classes start?
Most language courses start every Monday around the year.
What is the number of students in classroom in a language school or college?
Average is 12-14 students, maximum 18.
Will I get a certificate at the end of my language course?
Yes, you will, if you complete your course and have good attendance (at least 80%).
Which documents do I need to register in a language course?
To register you in any language course, please send email us a copy of your passport and fill in our registration form.
What is Professional Program?
Professional Program is a program developed to ensure affirmation of the technical skills and expertise needed to plan, deploy, support and to build your career.

Professional Program provides you with the education, tools and skills needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive landscape.

What about possible careers?
Graduates remain highly sought after in the job market. A significant number of our students gain employment in numerous fields and different companies. In addition to those who gain direct employment, many of our graduates now progress to take a masters degree.
How do I register and pay for an exam?

For detailed information about registering and paying for an exam, please contact us

What are the entry requirements for an international student to be accepted into a postgraduate course?
You need to have a first (Bachelor) degree from another university. You also need to have good grades and to provide some proof of ability in the English language, either through a language test or having lived in an English-speaking country for a substantial period of time. British institutions usually request a translated copy of the degree transcript as well as two reference letters. Some may also like to see other documents, but this depends on the country you which to study, the specific university criteria and on your chosen area of study.
What should I say in my Personal Statement?
ell the university about yourself; what made you choose this subject, what excites you about your current studies, and so on. Maybe give the university an idea if there’s anything you have read relevant to your application, which goes beyond your school studies. The personal statement is a chance for you to tell the university more about yourself, your life experiences, and your personal qualities so that the university can have a clearer idea of your personal and intellectual development.
When can I start my postgraduate study?
Most of postgraduate taught courses start in January or September, but postgraduate research programmes such as MPhil and PhD can be started in January or October. For further details, contact us
When should I apply for a place on a postgraduate course?
The academic year normally begins in September/October. Universities generally begin receiving applications around November of the previous year
How much will it cost?
Please ask Doxson to get you the tuition fees for your desired course
What is a Foundation course?
This is a one-year university preparation course especially designed for overseas students.
Why do I need to do a foundation course?
The foundation course is as a bridge between your current qualifications and your university undergraduate entry requirements. Courses are not only designed to bridge academic gaps, but also help you improve your English and learn about the country’ life you will study in and culture in preparation for university.
What courses can I do?
There are a variety of foundation courses on offer in the UK, USA, Canada, etc. which cover a wide range of subjects such as business, computing, communications, law, art and design, engineering, and social science. Teaching methods are designed to enhance your study skills such as learn problem solving research and analytical thinking.
Where can I study for a foundation course?
Many universities and colleges offer foundation courses, for further information contact us.
Would a foundation course guarantee me a place at the University or College of my choice?
No. Entry requirements to universities and colleges are a competitive process and no student is guaranteed acceptance on qualifications alone. The foundation course, will, however, provide you with the opportunity to achieve qualifications and develop skills, which you will need to be accepted. If you want to take an undergraduate degree at different university or college from the one where you are studying for your foundation course, you must check before hand that they will accept the foundation course qualification as part entry on to your degree course.
How much in advance should I apply to study at university?
We can help you apply up to 1 year before the start date of the university course and we can help you apply up until a few weeks before the language course starts. We recommend that you plan ahead and apply to university as early as possible to ensure that there are places available on the course you wish to study.
After I send my documents to apply to a university course how long does it take to receive a reply?
It will depend on the university you chose and the degree you chose. Normally takes about 6 to 8 weeks to receive a reply in most universities, but sometimes it could take up to 10 weeks and more to receive a reply (for PhD applications).
Do I need visa to go to other countries in Europe?
It depends on your nationality. Please ask your travel agent and if you do need one it is easier and cheaper to get it from your own country.
Can someone meet me at the airport and take me to my accommodation?
Yes. We can arrange for a private driver to collect you. This service costs will depend on the airport collection point. Please contact us if you would like to book this service. You must send us your date of arrival, flight number, time of arrival and terminal number.
If your question was not answered here, or if you need personal advice
Don’t hesitate to email us at, using the enquiry page or call our student support centre. +44 020 8652 7555